You’ve got to work your magic

It’s no doubt that we all at some point want to lose some weight, whether you’re a mum that wants that snap back banging body or you’re just a normal siseko or nwa baby that wants to pepper the society…lol. This is not exclusive of the men o! Because the men are working for their six packs you know *wink*


Here’s the thing, you can’t just sleep and wake up and expect to be all dried up from the extra fat, nah! that’s not the way. There are a thousand and million ways to lose weight but you’ve got to put in work to enable you lose those pounds. All it takes is Consistency, Discipline and hard work! Yes o, there is no short cut to hard work.These three words are what Mercy magic tea is about!! So, let’s say you’ve just got to work your magic!! And leave people wondering how you did it…

If you still don’t believe me, click this link and see how good you’ll be looking as long as you’re ready to work your magic.

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AK baby

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26 thoughts on “You’ve got to work your magic

  1. Ellaminja says:

    I want ur slim tea and flat tummy tea hw much and i base in Italy

    1. AK Baby says:

      Kindly visit Shop to order your Mercy Magic tea.

  2. Favour Jude says:

    Ok am ready. But pls can you help us with the type of Food we should avoid and the one we should eat within these 30 days

    1. AK Baby says:

      Once you receive your Mercy Magic tea pack, it comes with a one month meal plan that will guide you.

      1. Joy says:

        Wao good one…. my problem is food I love it and always weak to work on my self

        1. AK Baby says:

          Everyone loves food lol! So why not channel your love for food to eating healthy food but in moderation.
          Remember, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

  3. Miss says:

    Please what other detox recipies can i do

    1. AK Baby says:

      Visit Shop to order your Mercy Magic tea and you’ll be able to get a detox recipe to use.

  4. Pat Amponsah says:

    How can I get some of the tea? And how much is it in pounds. Thanks

  5. Mbhoni says:

    I do i get the product. Am in south Africa.

    1. mercymagic says:

      You can order on the wbsite madam. Thanks.

    2. mercymagic says:

      Hello, please try placing an order on our website.

      We have added a payment option which includes SA. Please feed us back if it works for you.

      1. mercymagic says:

        Choose Rave

  6. Isabella says:

    Please can a breastfeeding mother use this tea? My baby is just 3months old

  7. Sherifa says:

    Is one pack of mercy magic enough for the flat tummy and i don’t want to loss weight? Or are we supposed to buy more after wards.
    And if u have never giving birth before is advisable to take it, because I don’t know if it has aftereffects, cos of future

    1. AK Baby says:

      Hi friend, you can start off with one and also it doesn’t affect you from conceiving in the future.

  8. Miriam Ezeh says:

    How can I get the tea

    1. AK Baby says:

      Hello, please try placing an order on our website.

  9. Efua says:

    Am in Ghana pls how can I get one..

    1. AK Baby says:

      Hi friend, check with our Ghana distributors @fakorsshop to place your order.

  10. susan Obaseki says:

    Can this work for everybody man

    1. AK Baby says:

      It can work for everyone as long as you put your mind into making a change for yourself.

  11. Emmanuella Emengini says:

    Want to pay into an account, details pls

    1. AK Baby says:

      Kindly email for the details.

  12. AD says:

    Do you ship to Canada?

    1. AK Baby says:

      Yes we do.

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