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How are you liking this month of March! This month is so feminine…lol, I mean asides from it being ‘Women’s month’ were we celebrated International women’s day, Mother’s day also falls in this month. So, I’m really hoping that women are taking out time to treat themselves, like! you’ve got to attend to your needs babe! Yes!

You should always shower yourself with goodness. You deserve it! This care can come in form of different things and it doesn’t have to cost you a bunch of money. I’ll be sharing some ways to refresh and recharge that are cost friendly.

Spa day! – There’s nothing like a day at the spa to make you say, “Aaaaaah.” But it can leave your wallet saying, “Nooo” 😂. What you need for your home spa day would be a face mask (or any other facial scrub), bubble bath, scented candles and healthy snacks!!

-You can take the time to apply your face mask or scrub on your face and get your skin right.

-Draw yourself a hot bubble bath, light your candle, and get ready to relax,

-With your music in the background, the mood is set for your at-home spa!  When you’re done with your bath, you can munch on your healthy snacks.

Take yourself on a date! – Who says you need a partner or a restaurant to have a great date? You should treat yourself right in the comfort of your own home babe!

Whip up a healthy meal, set your table super cute, get a little dressed up, queue up your fav playlist, light some candles, and enjoy a date with the person who knows you best: you!

Watch a movie: There are a lot of movies out now! Why not go to the cinema and watch any of the available interesting movies showing. Another option would be to turn your room or parlor to your own cinema space. That way you can watch from your laptop or Netflix account…

Movie days aren’t complete without popcorn, but be careful not to over eat so you don’t take in a lot of calories 😉

Shopping! – Calm down! Shopping can be done on a budget because I’m pretty sure someone is saying ahh, shopping cost a lot 😂. You can buy yourself something new from a thrift store or stores that sell cost friendly items that are still good. Make sure it is something you need and would be an investment on the long run…

See? Self-care doesn’t have to cost a lot. I hope you have a ton of fun using these comfy, easy self-love ideas, girl!


AK baby

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