Out with old, in with the new!!

When you want to change your wardrobe, it most likely would require you to get rid of the old stuff to accommodate the new items right? (except you’re a hoarder). That’s the same thing you have to do when you’re about to start a weight loss journey,you’ve got to detoxify your body to cleanse, get rid of the toxic substances and prepare your body for an in follow of new stuff…

With Mercy magic herbal detox mixture, you’ll be able to get your body ready in 3 days for your weight loss journey.

How to use:

Step 1: Share  into 3 equal parts.

Step 2: Mix each part in a small quantity of pap and drink for 3 days every evening.

PS: These 3 days are fruits and vegetable days with lots of water.

You can also do your own home made detox mixture, click the link and watch the videos on how to do it.


AK baby


55 thoughts on “Out with old, in with the new!!

  1. Debora Frimpong says:

    Please how much is it in Ghana cedis

    1. mercymagic says:


      Its #30,000 (naira). You’ll have to convert to cedis

      But if you pay via credit card your bank will do the conversion

      1. Stella Izuegbunam says:

        Hi can u do PayPal ?

        1. mercymagic says:

          We will let you know asap. Can you also do bank wire or have someone in Nig pay us? Thanks.

    2. Candy Odenigbo says:


      1. Stella Izuegbunam says:

        Good day mercy, how do I get mine ? I live in the state I really need it how can it reach me ?

        1. mercymagic says:

          There is worldwide delivery. Just enter your shipping details when ordering. Thanks.

        2. Mariama Turay says:

          Hi marcy am in Sierra Leone how can I get it ?

          1. AK Baby says:

            Hello, please try placing an order on our website.


  2. Cynthia says:

    Hi, please are you going to be taking both the tummy and slimming tea every morning same day

    1. AK Baby says:

      Yes you would. A video showing how to make the tea would be out soon.

  3. Gertrude odoom says:

    Sister Mercy, am a Ghanaian but I live in Cincinnati Ohio please how do I order from here. Thanks ❤️

    1. AK Baby says:

      Click the link to order Shop and ensure to fill out your billing details, that is where you can indicate where you want the product to be delivered.

  4. Thabang says:

    hi Mercy i would love to try out your tea , can you please let me know if it can be delivered in South Africa

    1. AK Baby says:

      Yes it can be delivered to South Africa. Click the link and order for your own Mercy Magic tea Shop

  5. Candy Odenigbo says:

    Wow, so how do we get it in Ghana, please can I be your distributor for Ghana

    1. AK Baby says:

      Click Shop to order your Mercy Magic tea.

  6. Linda A says:

    I will like to know if you ship to the US and how much is the product in $. Thanks.

    1. AK Baby says:

      Its #30,000 (naira). You’ll have to convert to dollars
      But if you pay via credit card your bank will do the conversion.

  7. Luwayi Fred says:

    I wish I can get it I really need it, I’ve been following till today.. The rate at which I’m gaining weight is woww.. My notification will be on in case of promo.

  8. Okosun says:

    Good evening beautiful sister please how can i get it I live in Paris

    1. AK Baby says:

      Click the link to order your Mercy Magic tea Shop and indicate where you want your Mercy Magic product to be delivered.

      1. Marie sesay says:

        Hey Mercymagic , can you deliver in Germany?

  9. Bungudi says:

    Hello, I am from DRC, I want to buy this tea, how am I doing? How much?
    M’y number is +243810521329

    1. mercymagic says:

      Hello, once you checkout using your debit/credit card, your bank will do the conversion.

  10. Blessing says:

    Hi, can it be delivered to the UK? How much is to get it delivered?

    1. mercymagic says:

      Yes ma’am. Once you checkout online, your total will be shown you.

  11. Loretta Mrs says:

    Hi Mercy, congrats! More of God’s Grace In Jesus Name Amen. So, as rgds ur TEA: I need to know more bout’ what am buying.
    * How it’s made and how often does 1 take it
    * what to expect eg: stooling etc
    * can one eat while taking d tea?
    * are there specific days to take d tea
    * u mentioned pap, wot do i do at it? Is it pap dat is prepared and ready to eat o or d raw pap itself

    Kindly expanciate and explain beta on on to take d tea so as to get a gd result likely did.

    All d best dear.

  12. Ada Akins says:

    Mercy please is it also good for an expectant mother

  13. Hi am in Sierra Leone how can i get it and what is the cost when convert in to Leones

  14. Joyce Abban says:

    Pls do u send to Germany ,am a nursing mother and can I take it,my child will be a year old soon ,so I can wait if it’s not allowed

  15. Ezeneche chidiogo Mary says:

    Nice nice but I think it’s on the high side. I can’t afford it at all. Well done ma. God bless you.

  16. Gomez1 says:

    Can you take it while breast-feeding ?

  17. Momodu aishat says:

    I’m interested,I’m in benin

  18. Abong melanie says:

    Hey mercy am in cameroon how can i get mind but am still a breastfeeding mother. How do i do it

  19. Bella says:

    Am in Italy how can I get it

    1. AK Baby says:

      Kindly fill out your billing address after making your order and it would be delivered to you.

  20. Doris Brooks Ankrah says:

    Hey Mercy. I really need this tea but I’m in Liberia, can I get it here?

    1. AK Baby says:

      Hi friend, kindly visit to place your order.

  21. Afongang says:

    Hi mercy can I have ur what’sup num.. Will be in naija next week.. so I need a discount

    1. AK Baby says:

      Visit Shop to order your Mercy Magic tea.

  22. Kankou diawara says:

    Suis vraiment interesse

    1. AK Baby says:

      Vous le Pour la page web sur

  23. Kosisochukwu stephen says:

    Pls can a single girl drink it without damage anything

    1. AK Baby says:

      Yes you can.

  24. Omolara says:

    Plz aunty mercy,is dis product good for a nursing mother.and is d 30000 naira cover’s all d product.e.g slim tea,waist trainer all oders

    1. AK Baby says:

      Kindly consult with your Doctor before taking the product. Also the cost covers for everything except the waist trainer.

  25. Michelle Gold says:

    Ma please how can I get it in Italy…nd like how many can I get to make me look slim?

    1. AK Baby says:

      Hi friend, kindly visit to place your order and make sure you specify the country where you are located. You start with one pack.

  26. Joy says:

    Please can it work without exercise, and how many packs will I take to loose weight. My weight is 70 and I want to come down to 40 or 50 especially my tummy please help

    1. AK Baby says:

      It can work without exercise but we advice that you exercise to help tone your body.

  27. Am in Zambia ,how much is N3000 in kwacha or dollar? And do you ship to Zambia ? how do I get it?

    1. AK Baby says:

      It is 83.1630 USD and yes we ship to Zambia.

  28. Vivian says:

    Please am interested in the complete package for slimming tummy. What is the side effects and is it suitable for everyone.

    1. AK Baby says:

      Hi friend! There are no side effects and it is suitable for men and women. However, we don’t advice women who are pregnant,breastfeeding or persons with medical history to take it. They will have to consult with their Doctor first.

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