New year body goal: Never too late!!

Happy new year friends!

How are you and how has it been working to get that magic body?  Not easy I guess, right?!

The first quarter of the year is almost over and some of us still haven’t gathered the courage to start working towards our body goals. And quite frankly the struggle is real!! 😩😩

I bet you can relate with some of the excuses we make like ‘I can’t come and kill myself’, I’ve had a busy week and when am not working, I just want to sleep” or ‘Anyone that doesn’t like me the way I am is not the one for me’… lmao! That’s just laziness and procrastination creeping in.🧏‍♀

Deep down if you actually set your mind to working out on a regular basis, whether it is 3 times a week or just every Saturday you would make it happen. Plus, remember you make out time for other things that you consider important even if it’s wearing you out.🤷‍♀

Alright friend, the point is this! Don’t feel bad you didn’t start working out in January and its March; still nothing. It is actually never too late to start, just #BeIntentional. Please don’t start with a big routine that you can’t keep up with(lol), start small like reducing the portion of your food, more water! less carbonated drinks from there you move to doing other things like intermittent fasting and even exercising.

Fear not 🙅🏽‍♀, the sound of exercise makes some people squeeze their face but guess what, google is your best friend (and me too of course…☺) you can look up simple workout routines that can be done in the comfort of your house.

Till we meet again remember… Be intentional, consistent & remember the reason why you started.✌🏾


AK baby

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