Na food we chop, we no kill!

Na fat we fat, we no kill anybody…lol!

Raise your hand if you’re on this table, this feeling of Na fat we fat, we no kill anybody comes when you’re literally just tired of people being all up in your face saying you’ve added weight or you need to start working out and all those kind of things…you know how those weight monitoring people talk now, exactly!

A lot of us face this every day and for some of us, we feel very down. So bad that we get negatively affected by this. We begin to feel less of ourselves, become depressed and even end up eating more than we usually would… Well that’s not for everybody sha but a few basically.

Here’s the thing, do not to let those words have a negative turn on you, but should only motivate you to keep them quiet by working on yourself.
Love your body the way it is, be confident but in all of that be realistic.

I’m not saying love your body and you’ll refuse to eat right or do a little exercise to keep your body looking good NO!! I’m saying love your body and take care of it for yourself and not just because other people say so.

Plus! eating well, doing a few exercise here and there is not only for summer body and all the cool stuff that come with it. But also to keep your body system functioning well…

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