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About Mercy Magic

Mercy Magic is a unique blend of herbal mixtures, cultivated to enhance the loss of tummy fat and assist with general weight loss.

This product is a 2 in 1 pack that contains both a slimming tea pack and a flat tummy tea pack. The product takes you on a four-week weight loss journey, one which the need to detoxify the body first is very important.

With detoxification, we naturally cleanse the body system of toxic substances, that will help soften the fat that is to be lost and also prepare you for weight loss.


How To Use

3 Days Detox
These 3 days are fruits and vegetable days with lots of water.
Tummy Tea
It should be taken every morning, after steeping for about 10mins.
Slimming Tea
1 every morning, preparation is same as tummy tea.
Meal Plan
Follow our guide for what you can eat for best results. Includes main meals, snacks, drinks, etc
Exercise Routine
Lack of exercise may result to sagging of the skin after weight loss. In other to keep the skin firm, you have to stick to the exercise routine.

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