1. Price in other currencies.

Below are the most common price equivalent based on the most common regions.

427.165 GHS | 83.2760 USD | 73.6363 EUR | 63.8551 GBP | 747,357.35 SLL | 115.699 AUD | 557.155 CNY | 1,165.87 ZAR

If your country is not listed, please click this link to use this tool

2. Bank orders

If you are in Nigeria and using bank order, please use the deposit option (preferable)
using your same name on your order.

If your order name is different from your account name, please indicate in the reference section or send us a mail after making payment to askus@mercymagiconline.com

If you are outside Nigeria, please consider asking someone to make payment for you as Bank wire transfer may be too expensive.

Alternative Bank payment. (Selected countries)

Please go to www.quickteller.com and create an account.

Select ‘Transfer to Account” and proceed to make payment to our account.



PS – After successful payment, please follow procedure in Bank order above.


3. Online payment.

Note: Before proceeding with online payment, please ensure your card is enrolled for secure /verified by VISA or MASTERCARD.
This is to enable you receive the One-Time Pass-code (OTP) to complete the order.

Then select pay using Debit/Credit card on our website, fill your details and voila.

If you have issues, please contact your bank based on above recommendation.

Alternative online payment. 

We have added a new platform, Rave which caters to more countries. Please try and kindly give us your feedback if any issues.


Thank you for choosing Mercy Magic.